Ananda Sound Healing

a·nan·da / noun 

1. The condition of utter joy. Pure and absolute bliss. 

Extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being.


What is a Sound Healing Meditation?

A Sound Healing Meditation (aka Sound Bath) is a gentle, nurturing and cathartic acoustic musical meditation journey for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life. This act of self-care is beneficial for anyone from beginners to advanced meditators who are ready to experience a greater sense of peace and well-being.

Certified Sound Healing and Pranic Healing practitioner Natalie Skyy will guide you through a unique and blissful Sound Healing Meditation journey. Once participants have made themselves comfortable by either sitting or lying down each session begins with a guided meditation leading you towards a place of serenity. Participants are then immersed in a wide range of sounds created by powerful instruments taking the mind, body and soul to a state of tranquility and deep relaxation. 

Our Sound Healing Meditations assist in clearing out that which is blocking the natural flow of energy, helping to restore natural vitality while strengthening the connection and balance between mind, body and soul. The safe space created offers participants an opportunity to deepen their own journey of self-love, healing or transformation. While relieving stress, tension and anxiety this sound immersion experience will have you feeling revitalized, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Let the sounds wash away what no longer serves as you set your intentions and manifest your desires!

Sound Healing Meditation participants report experiencing:

•Reduced stress, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue.

•Enhanced concentration, memory and attention span.

•Increased energy, inspiration, focus and motivation.

•Boosts in creativity, awareness and intuition.

•Improved quality and regulated sleep patterns.

•Lowered blood pressure and balanced hormones.

•Alleviated symptoms associated with grief and PTSD.

•Deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

•Improved mood and mental clarity.

•Feeling centered and peaceful.

•Relief from physical aches and pains.


Additional benefits of Sound Healing Meditation sessions may include:

•Releases energetic blocks.

•Balances chakras also known as life-force energy centers.

•Assists in creating new neural pathways.

•Breaks old patterns and habits.

•Activates higher states of consciousness.

•Enhances brain and neurological function.

•Balances both hemispheres of the brain.


The sounds created cannot be predicted by the mind which causes the brainwaves to slow down to a profoundly relaxing and restorative Theta state. Theta waves are associated with daydreaming, creativity, imagination, self-reprogramming, and deep meditation.



“Natalie is an amazing sound healer and intuitive facilitator! Her gentle and caring attention to all participants made me feel really welcome and appreciated! I drive an hour just to participate in her amazing sound healing sessions! She is Pure magic :)” 

—  Katy, Mission Viejo, CA




Perfect for corporate retreats, team building, company wellness programs, or to reset at the end of a tough quarter.


Enhance any special occasion with our Sound Healing Meditations. We come to your location and perform a customized private session for you and your guests.


Release, relax and recharge with our community Sound Healing Meditation sessions at a location near you.


About Natalie

Actress and Certifed Sound Healer Natalie Skyy

Natalie was born and raised in Northern California and has been involved in modeling, acting, dance, and theatre since the age of four.


After college, Natalie decided to step out of her comfort zone and pursue a modeling career. Model became ring girl, ring girl became host, then in February of 2012, Natalie moved to Los Angeles and saw her career evolve into the life of a professional actress. She booked roles in independent films and even had a run on a hit TV show (Sons of Anarchy) but found herself unfulfilled in the environment and the unhealthiest she had ever been.

Tired of prescription medications, their adverse effects, and feeling like another statistic Natalie set out on a search for other options. After attending her first sound bath she was hooked. Immediately after the meditation, Natalie felt a sense of peace, comfort, ease, and relief that she hadn’t experienced in a very long time. For the first time in years, she was able to get a full night of sleep without needing a sleep aid. For the first time in YEARS, the stress, anxiety, and depression that Natalie had become used to feeling was no longer controlling her life. She felt lighter. Something in her had changed. Week by week the experience differed, but the outcome was always the same. Less stress, less anxiety, less depression, and improved sleep. Natalie knew she needed to share this with the world.


While continuing to pursue her acting career Natalie has been sharing the gift of sound healing with community, private and corporate Sound Healing Meditations since 2017.


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