Welcome to The Blog! - Here's an Update

Updated: May 24

Exciting things are coming, please stay tuned!

Hi beautiful friends! It feels wonderful to be coming back to life again after being completely depleted physically, mentally and emotionally the last few months.

I’m not quite ready to get into the details of everything that transpired but I will share that today I am 4 weeks post-op, healing and feeling better every day.

Thank you to my family and friends who were there every step of the way and thanks to all of you for the outpouring of love, prayers, messages and support. I haven’t had the capacity to reply to all of you, but please know I love and appreciate you greatly!

I’m still conserving my energy and holding a nurturing, safe space for myself as I continue to recover and allow my cup to fill all the way up. I miss you all so damn much! Sending big hugs and Full Moon blessings. 💗🌕✨

“Self compassion is key because when we are able to be gentle with ourselves in the midst of shame, we are more likely to reach out, connect, and experience empathy." -Brene Brown