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Don't miss our last events of the year!

Like a snake sheds it skin, we must release the layers of our past over and over again. Every time you're willing to let go of your old story you create space and open your heart to receive the beautiful blessings and intentions that you're calling in. Remember, every second is an opportunity to make a new choice. Are the decisions you're making on a daily basis helping or hurting you? Are they feeding your growth or are they keeping you stuck in old stories or repeating patterns?


I'd love to have you join me for an evening of transformation and connection at the last community gatherings for the year.

🌟 July 22 🌟 August 26 🌟 September 23 🌟 October 21

🌟 July 25 🌟 August 22 🌟 September 19 🌟 October 24

During the month of July our Hall of Fame participants will receive an enchanted Madagascar ammonite fossil to add to their growing collection of natural treasures. These ancient and unique pieces are over 110 million years old! Ammonites are believed to attract health, good luck, prosperity and success, convert negative energy into love and positivity and heighten intuitive powers. There is a limited quantity of available pieces so secure yours while you can.


Affirm: I am grateful form my courage, resilience and deep inner strength. I allow myself to enjoy receiving all of the things that I desire. I choose to focus on what is happening for me not what is happening to me. I am connected to the endless abundance of the Universe. It is easy for me to be in alignment and communicate my needs and boundaries. I am grateful for my strong heart, healthy mind and radiant spirit. I effortlessly release all limitations. I embrace and open my heart to infinite potential and possibilities. Every little cell is my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well. Everything is unfolding and coming to fruition in perfect timing. I trust. I believe. I gratefully receive. And so it is. “Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” - Mandy Hale


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